If you hate passwords as much as I do, you are going to love loqr, a simple to use Authentication Solution, based on QR code technology, using state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols and supported in smartphones.

loqrloqr, that is currently participating in the 2nd batch of the Startup Braga Acceleration program, is joining an old discussion. We all know that our computers are only as secure as our passwords, but it no longer matters how many special characters and numbers we set in our passwords.

Companies need to rethink passwords and as Naval Ravikant, founder at AngelList, recently said:

Ricardo Costa, Founder and CEO of loqr agrees with Naval and adds:

“Passwords are getting more and more complex, and impossible to remember. We need new, more secure, more integrated and, above all, simpler and more “user centric” authentication mechanisms. These mechanisms can meanwhile coexist with passwords, but will also able to completely and progressively, replace them. At loqr we do just that, we simplify “passwords”.


loqr differs from its competition for 3 main reasons:

1st: Simplicity

With loqr your smartphone is the center of your authentication solution. Single Factor or Multi Factor, you always do the exact same steps to authenticate yourself.

2nd: Single or Multi factor

With loqr businesses can choose free increased security, maintaining Single Factor Authentication, but pushing users to move their credentials of their computer to something “closer” to them (their smartphone). They can also push higher level security through Multi Factor Authentication without the usual complexity, user annoying and even user lock out. It can even be done progressively, in a user completely transparent migration.

3rd: True Zero-Knowledge

With loqr the trust relationship is based on privacy. You just need to download (the mobile App and the browser Extension) and use it. Everything is kept, AES-256 state-of-the-art encrypted, on your smartphone (or other devices) and only there.

The android app and iOS app are already available.

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