Nine Portuguese startups are competing for €2 million from three international venture capital companies in Porto at the 21st Feira do Empreendedor (Entrepreneur Fair).

The nine Portuguese startups competing for investments from Iberian Conexo Ventures, Britain’s Merism Capital, and Spain’s Faraday Venture Partners include:

  • Mobiqueue
  • Ubismart
  • Buzzstreets
  • ImpactMarket
  • Performetric
  • Seaweed Solutions
  • Cuckuu
  • EventGo
  • EatTasty

This initiative is part of the Feira do Empreendedor, an association organization led by Adelino Costa Matos, which ends tomorrow in Porto.

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The Feira do Empreendedor is “one of the largest Portuguese competitions dedicated to young entrepreneurship, employment, qualification and career management” and brings together more than a hundred companies, according to ANJE — the Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

Also, integrated into ANJE Business Week, EYEC10 began on December 5, at ANJE’s National Headquarters, and continues on the next two days, 6 and 7, at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre.

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ANJE is also promoting a cycle of four WE’BIZ Talks during the 21st Feira do Empreendedor.

The sessions will be held at the Alfândega do Porto in the afternoon of December 7, from 2:45 pm to 6:30 pm. The scaleup process will be reviewed in four talks with different focuses, but that cover three critical factors for company growth: talent, capital and market.

The mission of the WE’BIZ Talks is to foster the sharing of relevant knowledge with players and companies in the national ecosystem.

The cycle of four WE’BIZ Talks scheduled for the last day of the 21st Feira do Empreendedor will cover the following topics: financial solutions from the European Investment Bank for entrepreneurship projects; accelerating the digital transformation of companies; opportunities provided by the Yes for Europe network to promote business expansion, and the best strategies for getting a “Yes” from international venture capitalists.

These talks will be moderated by Mariana Araújo Barbosa, Editor of ECO – Economia Online.

In order to clarify issues that are very relevant to entrepreneurship, influencers in different international entrepreneurship ecosystems will be discussing and interacting with the audience.

Among the speakers are the Head of the EIB Office in Portugal, Kim Kreilgaard, who will be attending the WE’BIZ Talks with a clear objective: to share with the national ecosystem the initiatives, programmes and financial solutions that the EIB and the European Investment Fund have available for European startups to leverage their growth processes.

The Executive Vice-President of Yes for Europe (European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs), Benjamin Knöfler, will also be sharing his expertise from his vast experience as an entrepreneur (he founded his first company when he was still in secondary school). Knöfler is now a distinguished consultant for cutting-edge technology companies. His areas of expertise are digital business, breaking into new markets and crisiscommunication.

At WE’BIZ Talks, Knöfler will be speaking about the benefits Yes for Europe can bring to companies in the process of expansion. 

At the session on digital transformation, the CEO of Connect Enterprises, Pedro Malheiro, will be focusing on improving business results through communication and production processes designed using digital technology. This speaker has a proven track record in the support he has provided to over 20 companies in the process of internationalization.

In the session on investment, representatives of the venture capital companies Conexo Ventures/GED Capital, Merism Capital and Faraday Venture Partners will be revealing strategies and good practices or giving simple tips for attracting investors and leveraging scaleup processes. The idea is to teach entrepreneurs not only where and how to look for investors, but also to be aware of the conditions that make businesses attractive to venture capital companies and business angels.

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