Hibiscus & Nomada, which has been seen on travel publications including Lonely Planet and City Style and Living, is acquired by the Espacio incubator.

Today Espacio incubator announces it has acquired Hibiscus & Nomada, a leading travel blog that aims to document the affordable way to discovering the unexplored.

Espacio acquires Hibiscus Nomada

Marion Payen

Through the acquisition of travel blog Hibiscus & Nomada, the Espacio incubator aims to promote the publication’s growth and to project a voice for the travel community.

Founded in 2016 by Marion Payen and Alex Hurstel, Hibiscus & Nomada quickly grew, amassing close to 50,000 Instagram followers.

Espacio acquires Hibiscus Nomada

Conrad Egusa

“We are thrilled to be working with Hibiscus & Nomada and to continue the legacy that Marion created,” said Espacio CEO Conrad Egusa. Egusa is a former VentureBeat writer and is a Global Mentor at 500 Startups along with being a co-founder of Espacio with Eddie Arrieta.

Hibiscus & Nomada’s editor will be Mathew Di Salvo, a former news wire journalist who also has experience in travel writing.

“It’s extremely exciting to be taking over this blog, which has amassed an impressive following in its short time. At Espacio we were blown away by the photos and the variety of locations it featured. Our enthusiastic team is fully up to the continuing the great job Marion created,” said Di Salvo.

Espacio acquires Hibiscus Nomada

Mathew Di Salvo

“We hope to expand the site by reaching even more untouched and beautiful locations and demonstrating that great content can still come out of the somewhat crowded market of travel blogging,” he added.

In addition to its blog, Hibiscus & Nomada provides travel Guides to Europe, Asia, Africa & Americas.

Upcoming investments include an expansion of its editorial newsroom, investments into video, and a series of events in 2018.