The Portuguese Fintech company ebankIT is the only national representative in Finovate Fall New York 2016, the most prestigious international fair of technology oriented to the financial sector, which take place in Manhattan today and tomorrow.

Considered by KPMG as one of the “Top 10 Emerging Stars” in the global Fintech market, ebankIT comes to the Big Apple with a range of Mobile and Wearable Banking solutions, ensuring they will produce significant impacts on the way customers will relate and interact with banks, in their day-to-day lives.

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The company will showcase a solution that makes use of Augmented Reality to subscribe financial products in real time, from smartphones. Manuel Cruz, Corporate Communications Specialist at ebankIT, explains

We will demonstrate how from the use of Augmented Reality technology – recently placed at the center of all attention – it is possible to point a smartphone, for instance, to a simple promotional leaflet of a bank and, thereafter, subscribe in real time to one particular financial product, gaining immediate access to the calculation of the gains that the same product could provide, based on the bank customer’s assets.

Alongside this solution, ebankIT will also present a biometric authentication system by voice recognition, whose latest developments enable banking customers to perform all their transactions in a more captivating and agile way, with custom controls and without using a security PIN.

“We will also showcase the Smart Assistant feature, that enables to easily perform and search all banking transactions on smartphones and smartwatches through voice, over different operating systems, gathering transaction information from current accounts, debit and credit cards”, says Manuel Cruz.

Having already integrated some of its most innovative solutions in geographic reference players as diverse as Italy, Switzerland, Mozambique, Angola, Colombia, Chile and Poland, the presence of ebankIT among the major global giants in the financial industry has the strategic goal of establishing partnerships with other FinTech companies, assembling all the conditions required for the entrance of the Portuguese company in the US market.

If on the one hand, New York is one of the most emblematic financial markets worldwide, it is also a fact that ebankIT is already recognized as a world reference in the FinTech industry. In this sense, the context of our presence in New York aims also to find technological partners to integrate our products and cutting-edge Omnichannel solutions, addressing them to the American financial industry.

Manuel Cruz

Among other innovations, ebankIT has released BankWatch in April last year, an application that allows customers to carry out banking transactions in the Apple Watch, matching this initiative with the Watch’s official U.S. release date.

Founded in Porto in 2014 and with offices in London, ebankIT develops solutions that are already used by more than 20% of the banks operating in Portugal.

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