Doctor Gummy, the startup that entered the market with an innovative process for children drug delivery based on 100% natural treats, just attracted investment to support its international expansion.

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The investment was made by Sustainable Investments Fund I, from Vallis Capital Partners, focused on investing in businesses with growth potential. The amount and equity was not disclosed, but the public communication mentioned that Vallis Group has become “its major shareholder.”

Doctor GummyDoctorGummy was founded about two years ago and started selling directly to the public with some occasional stands, but a week ago they launched their online store. The foundation of their products are natural ingredients like vegetables and fruits that also contribute to the colour of the gummies. To be able to use them to administer medication, this start-up found a stable way to introduce the active principle of medicines in these healthy snacks.

With the new shareholders, the founder Nuno Santos believes that the company is ready to meet the many challenges and opportunities that will arise with a special emphasis on internationalization.

This Sustainable Investments Fund I, from Vallis Capital Partners, has a budget of 75 million euros and has stakes in companies such as Imperial, Castelbel and CGC Genetics.