The DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations, taking place in the United States, China, Brazil, Russia and Vietnam.

The first DEMO Traction growth conference took place last week in San Francisco and included leading industry speakers and thoughtful judges to evaluate 30 Traction companies in a competition.

During the event, chosen finalists from among hundreds of applicants had four minutes to make their pitch on stage. The goal was to present their products, strategy, and growth to-date. These companies were selected because they are solving hard problems with new technologies in innovative ways.

The presenters were grouped into four market segments: Information Technology, Marketing, Smart Data, and Operations/Learning. Five startups emerged as DEMO Traction Champions. And from the Smart Data segment, Talkdesk was the Champion.

About Talkdesk

Founded: October 2011

Founders: Cristina Fonseca, Tiago Paiva

Funding: undisclosed amount in 2011, $3M in 2014

After a presentation by the COO, Gadi Shamia, the judges were clarified about the Talkdesk concept of creating call centers in five minutes and the growth potential of the business.

Born in Portugal and with offices in Lisbon, Talkdesk has also offices in San Francisco. But despite being split, the team keeps working to innovate and deliver technology, making a dent in the $20B worth call center industry.

Now check Gadi’s pitch at DEMO Traction and know more about this Champion.