I create, therefore I am.

We live in a world of creators. People create companies, create movements, create experiences and try to shape the world accordingly to what they want to see.

At Portugal Startups we are particularly fond of this group of misfits, rebels and troublemakers also known as entrepreneurs. For a long time we have been supporting them in several different shapes and formats and the reality is that we love it. We couldn’t imagine ourselves doing something different.

While we are lucky to be working with entrepreneurs around the world, we take special pleasure when we are able to support, even in the smallest way, Portuguese entrepreneurs. We believe they are our present and future and deserve to be nurtured.

What is happening in the Portuguese startup ecosystem?

For a long time, people abroad asked us: What is happening in the Portuguese startup ecosystem? Do you have startups? Do you have entrepreneurs? Do you have exits? And so on. We got a little bit tired of answering these questions over and over again. But we also felt challenged to do something substantial to fix it. We asked ourselves: what can we do?

Portugal Startups is the answer to that question. We’ve decided to create a blog about the Portuguese startup ecosystem for a national and international audience. We will write in English and we will report on what is happening now in the Portuguese startup scene. We might write about a new round of financing, or about Portuguese accelerators and incubators or even about the events that you can’t miss. Above all, we will work hard to provide the exposure that our startups and entrepreneurs deserve.

Welcome to Portugal Startups! Your door to the Portuguese startup scene.