When working in a team, it´s always good to have an idea about what others are doing.

You have probably heard about many different collaboration platforms out there. Now more than ever, it is a MUST to be organized – not only in your head (computer), but also within the whole team.

hiveflux logoHiveflux is a real-time project management app, which shows that you can work smarter together. It enables teams to collaborate and share tasks more efficiently, chat, manage projects and share files and notes together.

One of the biggest benefits is that you can spend more time doing and less time waiting. Other than that, you will get less interruptions around the office and increase the productivity. It helps to find a balance between workloads and plans ahead.

How was the idea brought to life?

“Over time I’ve tried dozens of task managers and I quickly got overwhelmed with the sheer number of tasks derailing. Moreover, most of them are for individual use. The main problem is that we set tasks in one day that are easily accomplishable within the timeframe we have at the moment, but new tasks always pop up and push that initial date aside. So I wanted something that would let me plan out my days without bugging me too much when I’m overdue. And I wanted something where the people I collaborate with could see my tasks – and why not enabling me to see theirs?”

This answer was given by Bruno Figueiredo, Founder of HiveFlux, to Pedro Mendes back in May. Check the whole interview here: The Start Zone.

The difference between HiveFlux and similar platforms is that most of them are project focused. But in a company environment, you should be aware of what your team-members are working on – that´s why HiveFlux is more people-centered.

The basic areas covered within the app:

  • Project Management – A central console to manage everything related to all your outgoing projects.
  • Private Projects – The secrets revealed only to the eye of the manager of an app.
  • Task Broadcasting – Here is to see if the teammate finished the task you are waiting for.
  • Workload Balancing – Helping the team always counts.
  • Easy File Sharing – Easy uploading and attaching the files to a project.

If you want to learn more, go ahead & explore their brand new website: http://hiveflux.com