Whether recruiting a new startup board member or pitching to a promising prospect, it’s hard to argue against the importance of good communication. It isn’t just customers that founders need to speak to, but also employees, journalists, investors, and other stakeholders.

The importance of communications has also only increased in recent years with new technologies such as AI, growing platforms, and challenges with attention spans.

However, this being said, communication still remains one of the most undertrained (and unexplored) skillsets.

Prezent, an AI-powered presentation platform that supercharges presentation productivity, introduced Communication Fingerprint 2.0 to help founders here. With the free solution, an archetype is listed for each founder, with their associated strengths and weaknesses.

These include Architect, Director, Navigator, Performer, Producer, Scholar, Scientist, and Surgeon. 

This information can help founders become more self-aware as communicators and learn how to adjust their style based on the audience they need to present to. As an example, a founder who is a natural ‘Scientist’ would lean towards presentations with minimal visuals and objective data presentations. This being said, if this founder needs to pitch to a ‘Navigator’, then bold visuals and creative storytelling will be more effective.

Additional features in include the ability to update existing content into more impactful content, a compliance checker that brand-aligns any slide deck, and a the ability to extract an easy-to-digest Executive Summary from presentations. 

Prezent is a one-stop shop solution for business communications, providing data-based intelligence to mold hyper-personalized templates, storylines, and branded presentations. The company is led by its CEO Rajat Mishra, who was earlier a Senior Vice President at Cisco.

Learn more about its Fingerprints solution here.