The combined value of delegates attending Horasis Global Meeting will exceed the GDP of Portugal, said Miguel Pinto Luz, Vice Mayor of Cascais, at the Horasis press conference this morning.

In addition to Fortune 500 executives, Portuguese startup founders and CEOs will attend the conference, including:

  • Sandra Isabel Correia, Founder at #oamorexiste 
  • Rui Costa, Chief Technology Officer at Veniam
  • Simon Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer at Startup Portugal
  • Stephan Morais, Managing General Partner at Indico Capital Partners
  • Pål Bakken, Founder at Seaweed Energy Solutions 
  • Célia Reis, Chief Executive Officer at Altran
  • Cristina Fonseca, Co-Founder at Talkdesk
  • Isabel Neves, Chair at Star Busy
  • Pedro Ferreira, Chief Executive Officer at Dominio Capital
  • Pedro Jordão, President at CINT
  • Pedro Rocha Vieira, Co-Founder at Beta-i
  • Miguel Leitmann, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vision-Box 
  • Miguel Neiva, Founder and President at ColorADDNatalie Samovich, Co-founder at EnercoutimPaulo Andrez, President Emeritus at European Business Angels Association 
  • Paulo Mendes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at UnOffice
  • Paulo Trezentos, Chief Executive Officer at Aptoide
  • Orlando Remédios, Chief Executive Officer at Sensefinity 
  • Linda Pereira, President at Spring Up Europe

Launched in 2016, Horasis Global Meeting provides a platform to explore and foster cooperation, impact investing and sustainable growth. According to Forbes Russia, it was at Horasis where technology company WayRay, which today is valued at $500 million USD, first met its investor Philippe Monnier.

This year, politicians and business leaders will meet to debate policies on globalization. Over the four-day event, talks will be held on sustainable development, populism, climate change, cryptocurrencies, the next financial crisis, immersive technologies, diversity in the workplace, the fourth industrial revolution, the post-truth era, halting sexual harassment, modeling sustainable migration, and blockchain.

“Horasis was founded on the principle that tackling the world’s most pressing economic, social, and political issues necessitates productive dialogue and collective collaboration,” said Frank-Jürgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis.

The 2019 Horasis Global Meeting is co-hosted by the Portuguese Government and the City of Cascais.