Startup Braga launches a beta-testing platform linked to its website that allows real users and investors to get to know its startup community better while providing real-time feedback on their products.

The main objective of this platform is to allow Startup Braga’s community of startups to receive feedback on their products, so that they can improve them and so they can understand what causes some users to not buy their products, or why investors are not reaching out to them.

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Alexandre Mendes

“This platform comes even closer to the startups of its customers, by creating a direct channel where the latter can give real and direct feedback to Startup Braga’s startup contacts, which will be very important so that entrepreneurs can improve their products,” said Startup Braga Executive Director Alexandre Mendes, in a statement.

In the initial phase, the platform will start with a sample of 20 startups, but will be constantly updated until all 123 startups that belong to the Startup Braga ecosystem are represented.

The platform was created to help the startups in Startup Braga’s community understand what they can improve on and how their products or services are perceived by their potential clients or investors.

To provide feedback, users simply have to login and choose the startup they want to engage with and answer their questions.

Startup Braga, an entity managed by InvestBraga, is an Innovation Hub designed to support the creation of projects with high entrepreneurial potential in international markets, which focuses on the development and promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation, incubation and acceleration of startups, fundamentally in the areas medtech, nanotechnology and digital business.

Earlier this month, InvestBraga, through Startup Braga, was invited to join this European network during an initiative held on November 21 in Brussels in the European Parliament.

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The new Startup Cities European Partnership (SCEP) initiative, part of the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) platform and led by Mind the Bridge, aims at fostering the development of interconnected startup strategies at the local level, connecting medium-size European entrepreneurial cities and supporting them in becoming startup cities.

The meeting brought together economic agents, large companies and financiers for the short-term strategy for increasing the competitiveness of European medium-sized cities whose performance in supporting entrepreneurship and startups has reached international relevance.

In just under four years, Startup Braga has incubated and accelerated 115 startups that have gone on to raise a combined €26.8 million as of May 1.

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In four short years of operation, several startups that were incubated at Startup Braga and that participated in its acceleration programs, are now gaining international recognition and major funding.

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After going through an early edition of Startup Braga, Sword Health recently closed an investment round of €3.7 million to develop new digital therapies.

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