Lisbon-based breakfast delivery startup Breadfast acquires its competitor A Tigela Nova for an undisclosed amount.

With the acquisition of A Tigela Nova (The New Bowl), Breadfast looks to dominate the breakfast delivery market in Lisbon with plans of expanding its reach both domestically in Porto and internationally in Madrid, Spain.

The two startups have teamed up to strengthen the customer base in the private and corporate market. All the products are made from a kitchen in Alfama, one of the most famous districts of Lisbon.

breadfast breakfast deliveries

João Freitas

“We have combined Breadfast and A Tigela Nova to increase production and to increase economies of scale,” said João Freitas, Breadfast’s marketing manager, in a statement to Dinheiro Vivo.

“Breadfast serves mainly for local and corporate accommodation; A Tigela Nova is intended for private customers, thanks to its menus,” he added.

In addition to targeting distinct customer preferences, the existing synergies have made those responsible for both companies feel that “it would be more beneficial to join efforts to dominate the market than to maintain direct competition that would bring less benefits in the long run,” according to ECO.

The two startups will continue to operate under their own brand and will strengthen their target audience.

breadfast breakfast deliveries

Mario Tarouca

“Instead of trying to build a new root segment, we chose to invest in a brand that was already recognized in the market and A Tigela Nova was undoubtedly the best breakfast delivery service offering vegan products,” said Mario Tarouca, founder and CEO of Breadfast via ECO.

“Additionally, we are always looking for new clients, ideally, companies that manage local accommodation and who wish to offer a breakfast service to their guests or, therefore, companies that want to offer our service to their employees on a regular basis, for example, surprise them on their birthday,” he added.

In the past few years several Portuguese companies were born that take breakfast to home thanks to online delivery platforms.

While startups and enterprises such as Glovo, Uber, and SendEat focus on lunch and dinner deliveries, the breakfast delivery market in Portugal has been historically and relatively untapped apart from a couple of startups like Breadfast and A Tigela Nova.

Breadfast says it is available for partnerships with these brands. Its offerings include breakfasts that are delivered in the region of Lisbon from Monday to Sunday between 7AM and 11AM, provided that orders are made online until midnight the day before.