At the Lisbon Investment Summit (LIS) today, Bright Pixel announces the launch of its “Insert Coin” program to invest in, and develop, preliminary ideas.

Insert Coin aims to invest in preliminary ideas, develop them, and test them in the market with their partners.

To achieve this, Bright Pixel, with the support of Sonae IM, needs talented entrepreneurs with or without experience in designing and developing projects that take-up the challenge of turning a good idea, the Minimum Viable Products (MVP), into a successful startup.

“Bright Pixel is the only entity in Portugal that invests in preliminary ideas”

The Insert Coin program was launched today at the Bright Pixel stand at the Lisbon Investment Summit, an event that brings together investors and startups for two days at the Beato Creative Hub.

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Attendees of the event can find some project ideas at the stand and sign up to try them out. The next step for participants will be to meet the founders of Bright Pixel who will determine if the idea progresses into the development phase.

invest preliminary ideas

Celso Martinho

“Bright Pixel is the only entity in Portugal that invests in preliminary ideas. We differentiate ourselves by wanting to help projects grow because we know that good ideas do not always come from the best entrepreneurs, nor do the best entrepreneurs have the best ideas,” said Bright Pixel CEO Celso Martinho in a statement to the press.

“We identified this challenge and decided to launch this MVP investment program,” he added.

Celso also believes that entrepreneurs with knowledge and experience in the development of failed projects could become great assets for the team.

“In Portugal to err is not seen well, and to be an entrepreneur is to have the courage to follow a path that will have high moments but many low moments. We want to change this, not only with this program, but also with other initiatives that we will organize over the next few months,” the CEO added.

At the Lisbon Investment Summit, the Bright Pixel stand counts on the presence of some startups that are being developed with the support of the specialists of the company building studio, such as, MeshApp,, Eat Tasty, and

“The stand reflects the work we have done at Bright Pixel and our investment in MVP,” added Celso.

Bright Pixel and Sonae IM (Sonae’s Corporate VC) are among the most active participants in forging new collaborations in the Portuguese startup ecosystem.

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Together, they are among the supporters of the Lisbon Investment Summit, and last month they coordinated Bright Pixel’s first international partnership to attract cross-border talent with help from EGI Booster, which is an intense vertical acceleration program by the EGI Group that helps tech startups enter the European market.

In March the world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs, the Founder Institute, returned to Portugal in partnership with Bright Pixel to find and support talented entrepreneurs who wanted to develop technology business ideas without having to leave their jobs.

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February saw Bright Pixel joining the Startup Braga Accelerator in a strategic partnership ahead of the fifth edition of the program that began in February.

Bright Pixel worked with Startup Braga to promote the investment and support of technological entrepreneurship at the national level, and in particular the talent born from Braga, to be brought to the global stage.

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Sonae IM has been active in investing in Portuguese startups for years, having helped to fund Sensei, Jscrambler, StyleSage, and InovRetail just to name a few.