The fourth edition of the Porto Tech Hub Conference will return May 18 with the theme: “the jobs and technologies of the future.”

Taking place at the Alfândega Porto Congress Centre the Porto Tech Hub Conference intends, once again, to place the city of Porto on the map of innovation and technological evolution.

Its mission is to stimulate the technological potential of the invested city, not only in human resources, but also to attract and welcome companies and talents in this sector.

The association promotes a variety of initiatives and events throughout the year, designed to explore how technology can be used to develop individuals, businesses an the wider community in Porto. The highlight of the calendar is the Porto Tech Hub conference.

This year’s edition will bring together several speakers from national and international technology companies.

The Porto Tech Hub Association is a product of a joint initiative by BLIP, Farfetch and CRITICAL Software — three reference companies from the region and the country.

Previous editions of the Porto Tech Hub Conference saw contributions from Google, Spotify, Microsoft, and e-Bay, among many others.

The first edition of the Porto Tech Hub Conference in 2015 was set over two days with great talks and great people.

It was all about showing how powerful this city is, and how technology has merged with great minds and great ideas. Its focus was to show how Porto and Portugal were developing and emerging as one of the best places to work in the world.

As a group of tech companies it:

  • Ensured Porto as the hub for excellence and innovation
  • Believed that people are a unique source of talent, creativity and passion
  • Nurtured each of its talents through a strong community that share ideas
  • Showcased state-of-the-art technologies embedded in its genetic code
  • Demonstrated that we live in a place where technology, work and lifestyle choices come together in perfect harmony