Drivers in Portugal can now travel from Lisbon to Porto for €9 thanks to the launch of a new car sharing service from Shareacar.

It is now possible to rent a car in Lisbon and drive it to Porto using two methods from Shareacar: a small car at a cost of €9 and a family car at a cost of €17.

With this service, the platform gives travelers an estimated 75% cheaper option compared to a service offered by traditional car rental companies.

lisbon porto car sharing

Zé Francisco Leitão de Sousa

“This new service available on the platform is a valuable proposition, especially for students and workers who regularly need to take off between Lisbon and Porto and who seek more accessible forms of mobility between the two cities,” said Zé Francisco Leitão de Sousa, Co-Founder and CEO at Shareacar.

“Shareacar not only allows anyone to monetize their car at times when it is not used, it also offers a cheaper service to anyone who wants to rent a car,” he added.

Dubbed “Pegar e Largar,” meaning “pickup and drop” in this context, Shareacar’s new platform for the sharing economy allows drivers to travel the 314 km distance between Porto and Lisbon, which according to, costs an average €157.28 in taxi.

According to, prices for a one-way car rental between the two cities range from €39 to €100.

Shareacar uses PayPal or credit card for all its payments, and after registering on the website, keys are exchanged in person, in a previously agreed location that best suits the owner and the renter. When exchanging the keys both parties will need to sign the rental agreement. The owner will also need to check the renter’s license and name on the credit card.

To rent with Shareacar users must:

• Be at least 21 or over.
• Hold a valid driving licence, that’s valid in the country you’re renting the car.
• Have at least 2 years of driving history.

There is no cost for the driver, and posting a listing is free. Once the listing is online, drivers who are interested will be able to contact the owners when they like. Renters pay for the rental on the website, and the owner earns 70% of the rental price. Shareacar’s service fee is 30%. This includes insurance for both owners and drivers.