In September we introduced you to the Startup League, an initiative by domain name registry Radix, that successfully sponsored 15 startups at the recently concluded Web Summit. Held for the first time in our capital Lisbon, the 3-day conference saw a massive footfall of over 53,000 people, which included 1500 startups that exhibited their products to over 500 investors and media persons. Incredible opportunity for Startups to get exposure, right?

Getting startup expose can be expensive and that’s where Startup League comes into place. Among the 15 startups sponsored were 3 Portuguese: YOUCLAP.TECH and NU-RISE.TECH from Aveiro, and BOOKNOW.TECH from Funchal.

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Startups sponsored by the League ranged from across different industries: youclap.TECH is a platform where users can challenge their followers and friends with videos, images or sentences, publicly or privately, using algorithms that ensure fairness, booknow.TECH is a smart booking system for businesses and nu-rise.TECH, a health-tech startup, has created innovative radiation detectors.

When it came to which extension was favored the most, .TECH emerged as the clear favorite. 20 startups at Web Summit were on a .TECH extension, a clear standout among fellow new domains.

The annual PITCH competition at the Websummit puts 200 of the most promising startups against each other in front of distinguished investors, influential media and thousands of attendees in a battle that spans 3 days. 4 Startup League members, AIM, Nu-Rise, HireFree and Sensei. All 4 were, unsurprisingly, on .TECH extensions. Of these, Nu-Rise, one of the winners of the “Road 2 Web Summit” initiative by Startup Portugal, saw it through till the very end of the semi-final round.

But why are they doing this? Radix aims to build the Startup League as a strong community of credible start-ups that will be the face of the Tech and Startup industry tomorrow. To facilitate this, they are not only supporting these start-ups in securing a great name to begin their entrepreneurial journey with, but also essential aid to create marketability and visibility. The program also has strategic ties with 20+ startup enablers like Fabrica de Startups, Founders Space, WHub etc. to further this program to as many emerging startup communities as possible, and help young entrepreneurs start out strong.

The Startup League made attending Web Summit a reality for us and helped us make the most of it – meeting investors, partners, other startups. A great program, definite thumbs up.

said Jose Rocha, CEO of, about the Startup League

The Startup League will be sponsoring all aspiring entrepreneurs, tech heads and startups to exhibit at Web Summit Lisbon in 2017. To apply now, all you need to do is fill in this short form.

If you don’t have a domain name with one of its extensions, you can register one here or get in touch with the team at [email protected] for a special offer on these domains if you join the Startup League.

This marketing support program, aimed at providing visibility to emerging startups on disruptive new extensions like .TECH, .STORE, .SPACE, .ONLINE, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .HOST and, .PRESS, debuted about 3 months back and is already 40+ startups strong.

All startups supported by the Startup League received a host of benefits that included:
– 30% sponsorship on their exhibitor fees
– Free T-shirts branded with the Startup’s logos, created by the League
– Free goodies to giveaway at the booth
– A social media push to drive traffic to these websites
– PR mentions, and much more!

A unique program designed to help startups throughout the event exhibiting experience. Sponsorship, free t-shirts, goodies and PR – looking forward to being able to attend more events with such great support.

Luis Moutinho, CEO NU-RISE

Please note: The benefits will be provided by Radix and do not involve the organisers of any of the events mentioned.