Nanotechnology is a key enabling technology with applications in all industrial and societal sectors. Even if the nanoscale per se is not visible to the human eye, the effects of the nanoscale governs properties easily accessible such as self cleaning windows, optical effects, non-stainable fabrics etc.

Nanotechnology is present in all kind of modern electronic devices such as displays, computers, mobile devices, memories, various kinds of sensors and Internet-of-things (IoT) related devices.

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), the Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI), University of Minho and Startup Braga created an alliance to foster the development of entrepreneurship and businesses, based on nanotechnology.

Without nanotechnology we would not have had Facebook, Spotify and other modern IT-related services

says Prof. Lars Montelius, Director General of INL.

From the experience and knowledge developed by INL, CeNTI, University of Minho and Startup Braga, an alliance was created to take advantage of these opportunities within the Entrepreneurial dimension, promoting the emergence of a vibrant Eco-system.

As the first initiative, the Startup Nano program was launched this wednesday. Pioneer in the field, the program was developed to foster and provide support to new businesses based on nanotechnology, through incubation and acceleration. What differentiates the program is the expertise, services and support provided to the startups.

We are prepared to support companies in several industries, given our experience with a variety of materials

states Braz Costa, Director at CeNTI.

Knowledge and technological expertise join forces with the experience in supporting startups to foster the creation of highly innovative startups:

“This is a field with great potential, that has not yet been fully explored in the entrepreneurial point of view,” says Carlos Oliveira, President at Invest Braga, promoter of Startup Braga. “Portugal can become the reference European hub in the incubation and acceleration of startups based in nanotechnology”, he adds.

“From medicine to IT, from the environment to cosmetics, from the aeronautical or space industry to food and water, nanotechnology may be the key to solve many challenges in our society.”

says Lars Montelius, Director General of INL.

The Startup Nano program includes 4 stages of support. A first step called Innovate that aims to raise awareness for the topic and help innovators to ideate around this vertical; A program called Launchpad follows to help the new ideias look for business and technological validation; The acceleration program support this new startups reach the market and grow; and at last the incubation program offers all the needed conditions to develop a nanotech project. Applications for the programs and registrations for the free workshops are already available.