360imprimir announced it has secured €3 million of financing in a round fully subscribed by the Venture Capital firm Pathena.

Founded in 2013, the fabless online print-shop company provides physical marketing products to SME’s, through a Marketplace Business Model based on its proprietary intelligent aggregation software. This allows following a cost leadership strategy, becoming the cheapest one-stop-shop for marketing products for SMEs.

CEO Sérgio Vieira explains the vision:

We started by printing, but we intend to completely modify SMEs’ marketing solutions. The fact that we utilize external idle capacity makes this process easier.

In an interview to Observador, co-founder João Matias revealed the plans for this investment:

This investment will have two purposes: one is to strengthen the team with people to help the company grow and develop technology; the other is to achieve new markets, particularly in Latin America, and increase the range of products we already have.

360 Imprimir consolidated its position in the Iberia market and achieved a successful entry into Brazil and Mexico.

For António Murta, Pathena’s Managing Partner,

360imprimir represents the worldwide challenge of digital printing in a “fabless” and self-service fashion (individuals, SMEs). Its growth pattern confirms the execution quality and work of the founders’ team.