Thirteen thousand projects have applied for the 6th edition of the Acredita Portugal competition. Seven of them were now announced as winners for the categories in competition.

1. Category: Services and Industry

Slash Creative Hair Studio – A technological hairdresser for the XXI century.

2. Category: New Ideas

Malcriado – Malcriado means naughty or rude. The brand offers a range of products derived from chili peppers, focusing on spicy sauce Malcriado.

3. Category: Social Entrepreneurship

Indigo Social NetworkA platform of mutual help, Indigo is powered by a non-profit organization and allows you to benefit from any item or service you need thanks to the other members of the community.

4. Category: High Technology

NewMedTechSoftware that converts imaging studies (computed tomography, magnetic resonance and 3D ultrasound), allowing to obtain 3D models (virtual and physical) of the anatomical region, for surgical intervention preparation.

5. Category: New Ideas B2B

NeuroPsyCADComputer assisted diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders.

6. Category: Web & Mobile

Tic Tac Ticket – Enables the optimization of the resource available in the aircraft for each flight, by applying a specific pricing model, causing an increase of the annual revenues of the carrier and reducing airline tickets price.

7. Category: Mobility

Black Box for Road Vehicles – Black Box for cars, that guarantees privacy to the user, while saving information in order to establish responsibility when there are accidents.

The projects went through a pre-acceleration program. Now, by winning the competition, they will have access to mentoring to conceive and implement their go to market strategy. NewMedTech will also receive a 50.000€ investment from REDangels.