Circular Economy and Bioeconomy aren’t the most disseminated ideas, but they are key-concepts to design a sustainable society. The first concept refers to an economy without waste and pollution, its materials are designed from biological materials and aims to have no environmental impact. Bioeconomy aims, through science and research in the biotechnology field, to create and improve industrial processes.

Startups, research groups and even individuals that are developing innovative projects within these economic sectors, are what Ponto Verde Open Innovation is looking for. This new business acceleration program from Sociedade Ponto Verde will provide support to business models and projects that contribute to a sustainable development and a society powered by bioeconomy and circular economy. Applications are open from today till April 8th.

There will be 20 projects selected for a bootcamp in October and the final selection will be made by Sociedade Ponto Verde’s Executive Board and Ponto Verde Open Innovation partners. The selected projects will receive up to three years of acceleration and may benefit from funding.

Ponto Verde Open Innovation brings together on the same platform researchers, investors, associations, companies and universities, all working for green growth and fostering valuable, innovative solutions.

said Luís Veiga Martins, Managing Director of Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV).

The waste sector is very versatile, and has high potential. It has more than proved itself and will continue to innovate.

he added.

Since it was set up, Sociedade Ponto Verde has been supporting and encouraging research and development. Over its 19 years, it has invested more than 2 million euros in this area.

Sociedade Ponto Verde is a private not-for-profit body with a crucial mission for a sustainable future. They organize and manage the take-back and recovery of packaging through the Integrated Packaging Waste Management System (SIGRE) – the Green Dot system.  This is done on behalf of packers/fillers/importers, manufacturers of packaging and packing materials, and distributors.