Exo-T (Exogenus Therapeutics) has raised €800K in a seed round led by Caixa Capital, with co-investor Change Partners.

Exo-T is a biotechnology company dedicated to the pre-clinical and clinical development of innovative therapies for regenerative medicine. Their first product, Exo-Wound, accelerates wound healing in animal models, and the product is currently under advanced development to reach clinical stage by 2019. This would be difficult to achieve without this investment, as founder Joana Correia states:

This funding is crucial to continue the development of Exo-Wound, and we must acknowledge the leadership of Caixa Capital in raising this seed round executed with Change Partners as a co-investor. We now have conditions to take Exo-Wound one step closer to the clinical tests.

There are 50 million people worldwide in need of better treatment for chronic wounds. Stephan Morais, Executive Director of Caixa Capital, believes this investment will help mitigate this situation:

We look forward to continue working with the Exo-T’s team to help bring this innovative solution to the millions of patients affected by chronic wounds.

This technology was developed in a collaborative research project by Biomaterials and Stem Cell-based Therapies group from CNC (Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology), Crioestaminal S.A. and Biocant. Pedro Pinheiro, Executive Director of Change Partners, believes in Portuguese research and innovation:

This investment shows the trust Change Partners deposits in the R&D and IP generated in Portugal. We are very satisfied to support another COTEC project and to work with the team and Caixa Capital in Exo-T.

In September Caixa Capital announced a €100K investment in the winner of COHiTEC 2014, that recently won the ANJE Young Entrepreneur Award 2015.