HUB:RAUM KRAKOW WARP4 is a tailor-made program designed for CEE startups. It is an acceleration program to give knowledge, tools, money, connections and exposure to build and scale the product.

10 teams were selected for pre-acceleration and from those, only 2-4 would be selected to a tailor-made acceleration program ending on December 5. Two Portuguese teams, Hype Labs and YouFit, were present in the first part of the program. Hype Labs will be moving to the acceleration, together with 3 more international startups.

Hype Labs claims itself as the next step in online and offline communications. Hype relies on technologies such as Bluetooth LE or WiFi Direct to allow communications to continue through proximity when a service provider is not available. Devices are transparently connected in a mesh network which allows messages to hop and achieve greater ranges. All your messages are encrypted and your identity is always protected.

During three previous editions, WARP evaluated more than 2000 applications and trained 36 startups hand-picked from 15 countries.