How much does a startup spend to go to events, workshops and to use foreign services around Europe? The answer is double-edged: not enough, in the sense that having more money for international presence would be great; too much, if we look to the budget.

ePlus decided to give a hand and launch a pilot initiative: Micro-Grants. Startups and entrepreneurs with high maturity level can reduce their expenses through grants up to 1.000€ each, that cover participation costs as travel, accommodation, subsistence, among others.

The pilot call will close on August 20th (at 14:00 CET), so you better hurry!

And what are the main goals of Micro-Grants?

Firstly, to contribute towards the promotion and networking at a European level of startups and entrepreneurs. This connection between different players can lead to a stronger growth and easier scalability.

Secondly, to improve and complement the local service offer and to foster cross-region cooperation and cross-breeding some of the most successful services available, for the benefit of European startups, especially in the booming regional ecosystems of Lisbon, Nice and Baden-Württemberg.

The attribution of Micro-Grants will follow a semesterly open call, that lists eligible events and workshops (events, workshops and other initiatives considered most relevant for startups’ participation) , and connect local services from the ePlus service offer. However, this is a flexible process: if you don’t find the events you want to attend on the list, you can always ask ePlus to evaluate the possibility of adding them as eligible.