Yesterday Startup Lisboa inaugurated the first house fully dedicated to entrepreneurs. The “Startup Lisboa House”, located in the city center, is intended to be occupied by the foreign entrepreneurs that choose Lisbon as the place to launch and develop their businesses and by the Portuguese entrepreneurs that come from other towns.

The “House” was created in a building that belongs to the municipality. It has 14 rooms, two living rooms, two kitchens and WCs.

Besides supporting the creation and growth of startups, Startup Lisboa was also created to rehabilitate the historic city center and bring young companies and their employees downtown. The incubator is now running 4 buildings and all of them were vacant.

Startup Lisboa is therefore increasing the offer to entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurship in the country, energizing and boosting the social and economical activity in the city center.

The facts and figures show the relevance of this project: almost one-third of the startups in the incubator have foreign founders that chose Lisbon to host their businesses.

Last week, in a national TV show, João Vasconcelos, Executive Director at Startup Lisboa, stated:

We will have the first incubator in Europe that offers accommodation, office space, the incubation environment and the access to investment. We’re focused on attracting foreign people to Lisbon.

The accommodation will have a cost, but at a price below the market value.