There are 3 more startups on Portugal Ventures portfolio!  Immunethep, StoryTrail and Indie Campers got investment through the Call For Entrepreneurship.

Immunethep is a biotechnology company focused on drug develoImmunetheppment for Immune System related pathologies. Its first product, a vaccine to protect neonates from bacterial infections, is the result of more than 30 years of research: “Closing this deal demonstrates the potential of this innovative approach to vaccine development which is the outcome of decades of research from the University of Porto. We are now one step closer to develop a vaccine that can save millions of lives.”, states Pedro Madureira, Chief Scientific Officer of Immunethep. For Bruno Santos, CEO,

Getting this first round of investment 7 months after we licensed the patent represents a very important milestone and assures that Immunethep is right on track to start planning for clinical trials.



StoryTrail is an app that offers tourists walking tours in which real people pop-up on users’ smartphone screens to tell them fascinating stories about the places they’re visiting. For each city there are several themed routes with short videos. StoryTrail helps people see the hidden stories, histories, ways of life and curiosities that lie around the corner of every city street.

We are building StoryTrail into a global travel brand that people will love and trust!


indie campersIndie Campers is an innovative start-up focused on providing smaller and affordable types of campervans for everyone. Created in Lisbon in 2013, its aim is to develop comfortable and low-cost rentals to ensure that all the clients have their ultimate road trip in a campervan for the best price. According to  Hugo Oliveira, CEO and founder of Indie Campers,

After having established and proven itself, Indie Campers is keen on expanding throughout Europe, where it aims to become a leader in this niche market and reach at least 20 different destinations by 2020.