I’m a suspect person to write this article for reasons you can explore on my personal info, below. Anyway, this is about an important opportunity for young aspiring entrepreneurs in Portugal, so it needs to be shared.

Born in Portugal, aiming to have a worldwide impact, after 45 programs in 29 cities in 17 countries, Startup Pirates is back, stronger than ever. This year, 6 editions of the program are confirmed for Portugal.

What’s Startup Pirates?

I dare to say that Startup Pirates is not an event, it’s an experience for life. It is not the place to be taught, is the place to learn.

This is a one-week program where the participants dive in the startup world, having the opportunity and the tools to develop a business idea from scratch. But Startup Pirates is not only about developing one idea, is the entrance to a worldwide community of change-makers and a boost for the participants’ entrepreneurial journey.

The program gathers aspiring entrepreneurs and some fearless and experienced guests to share and learn together in a combination of workshops, mentoring, inspirational moments and some wild surprises.

What are the 6 events confirmed in Portugal?
  • Sertã: 21 to 28 March
  • Aveiro: 26 March to 2 April
  • Porto: 26 March to 2 April
  • Braga: 25 April to 2 May
  • Coimbra: To be announced
  • Lisbon: To be announced

Applications are now open to Sertã, Aveiro and Porto.

Some results to date
  • 45 programs
  • More than 900 participants
  • 80 projects/startups running
  • €5.4M funding raised by startups
  • More than 190 jobs created
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Why join the navy if you can be a Pirate?