JScrambler logoAnnounced yesterday, AuditMark picked its more established product, JScrambler, and made it the new company brand. This will allow the company to communicate as a seamless organization, with a market leading product that extends to virtually every country on the globe.

The security company was founded in 2007 following the strategy of creating the first line of defense to attacks on Web applications on the user side, when much of security solutions were then limited to the protection of the network and server. With the increasingly rapid migration to the Web which has been witnessed, the challenge has become even more complex and urgent. Since then AuditMark sought to always be at the forefront of research and innovation in the field of online security, achieving global leadership in JavaScript and HTML5 code protection, which attracted the attention of several multinationals around the world.

JScrambler is an HTML5 and JavaScript code protection solution that protects more than 280 million lines of code in more than 130 countries and continues to see its customers grow systematically. There are several reasons that might lead you to protect your code: to keep your applications safe and less vulnerable to fraud or avoid competitors to inspect your code or even steal it.

Although you might not be a developer, I’m sure you’ll be able to see the difference before and after the code is protected:

Obfuscation example

According to Rui Ribeiro, CEO of the company:

This is an important moment which will help strengthen our relationship with our current customers as well as accelerate the path we have been taking to provide an integrated range of services and tools that help companies protect their business. The JScrambler brand is already a reference in the main markets in which it operates and will be useful when addressing new business opportunities.

The main objective of this rebranding is thus to create the ideal conditions for JScrambler to continue to grow and add value to all its customers and stakeholders, strengthening its commitment to ensure the security and protection of digital assets of companies around the world.