You can be sitting comfortably at your desk thinking about all the big problems you’re trying to solve, but there is always a bigger one… When you are challenged to address big problems, to try to reach solutions that might have a true and meaningful impact, you can’t just step away and ignore it.

By 2050, our world will have 9 Billion people

Every day, one billion people go to bed hungry while more and more are malnourished. By the other hand, on the same planet, one billion people wake up fat and overfed. You can think this is not fair, but the problem can get even bigger. By 2050, our world will have 9 Billion people and the resources won’t be any better distributed than they are today.

Solutions are urgently needed in order to guarantee that everyone will be able to have access to adequate, safe, and nutritious food.

And that’s why Thought for Food was born. On its third edition, the 2014 TFF Challenge is looking for the world’s best and brightest university students to form teams and develop breakthrough projects that address this global issue.

Selected teams will have the opportunity to develop their projects with the support of cutting-edge learning tools and resources. Some will be taken to the TFF Global Summit, that this year takes place in Lisbon, Portugal (13-15 February, 2015). Here, a pitch competition will open the way to win financial prizes and the support to take the projects to the next level.

If you live in Portugal, the travel might be not long, but your applications are very welcome.

Get your team of 3-5 university students and apply by October 31st, keeping these key words in mind: Innovation, Sustainability, Engagement and Uniqueness.

This is not just a contest. It’s a movement looking to raise awareness and promote the emergence of bold solutions related to food security.

Portugal was chosen to be the stage, but the whole world is the goal. The challenge is calling for you, the problem demands your attention.

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